Since 1993, Focus Efforts, a strategic business management advisory firm that has helped entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and unlock their potential since 1993. Focus Efforts helps entrepreneurs identify and capitalize on growth opportunities, develop effective business strategies, and optimize their operations. With a team of experienced consultants and partners, they provide tailored solutions that address specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs in various industries.

Focus Efforts empowers entrepreneurs to make informed decisions and achieve long-term success.  They are best known for quickly and accurately identifying current situations, capturing the owner’s vision, defining root causes, and building a plan to achieve objectives. His expertise simplifies complexity into creative, impactful actions.  Definition, design, and deployment are consistent at Focus Efforts Consulting. This method ensures that the consulting process is carefully executed, from defining the problem to designing and implementing a customized solution. Focus Efforts Consulting guarantees thorough and efficient business guidance by following this structured approach. They stand out in the industry by simplifying and providing actionable strategies.

In 1994, our founder, Jim, created Godly Principles, an educational program helping business owners realize their full potential while honoring God in their businesses.  Focused Efforts and Godly Principles help small to medium businesses, childcare providers, real estate owners, churches, ministries, and construction companies grow, manage, and exit their trades successfully. Through our consulting services, we provide tailored strategies and solutions that address the unique challenges faced by each industry. Our team of experienced consultants offers expertise in marketing, finance, operations, and leadership development. With a proven track record of delivering results, we are committed to empowering our clients to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact in their respective fields.

Jim’s extensive background reflects his commitment to encouraging faith-based business and entrepreneurship.

  • SCORE Certified Mentors helping startups and seasoned owners.
  • SBA Mentor: our experience aiding regional SBA offices with 8A participants for DBE and knowledge of SBA lending programs enhances our capacity to navigate and provide guidance on financing possibilities.
  • UCF Business Incubator Mentor, where Jim guides entrepreneurs through critical stages of growth inside the incubator programs. Additionally, he has given workshops at the UCF campuses in Daytona and Orlando.
  • National Entrepreneur Center Advisory Board Mentor
  • International Public Speaker for the State of Florida’s FAVACA team to promote entrepreneurship.
  • Judge and Advisor to the Innovation Challenge Business Pitch event
  • Volunteer Chaplain with the Daytona Beach Police Department,
  • Ordained Pastor with Kingdom-Minded Worldwide Ministries.


Our public speaking programs provide audiences of 20 to 10,000 with knowledge- and inspiration-rich content from numerous speakers with legal, financial, and business experience.  Jim is also a published author with several books relating to faith-based entrepreneurship:

  • Planning Strategically
  • Creating Business Models that Convert to Successful Business Plans
  • The Seriousness of Fun at Work
  • Building a Thriving Business That Honors God
  • 500 Godly Principles for Business and Leadership
  • Mastering the 10 Fs for Enduring Success 
  • Godly Principles for Managing Employees
  • Funding Your Business at each stage
  • Structuring Your Business for success (organization and legal)
  • Startup A Business from Cradle to Grave, God’s Way
  • Exiting through Selling, Heirs, Franchising, licensing, certification, and other strategies

Jim has led global organizations throughout his career. His specialties are strategic planning, capital raising, customer acquisition and retention, corporate administration, operational effectiveness, technology use, product development, and franchising to sell businesses.

Faith defines our founder; Jim is a Kingdom-Minded Worldwide Ministries pastor and Daytona Beach Police Department volunteer chaplain. He combines faith-based principles into business, as his for-profit teaching organization Godly Principles demonstrates. He works with local churches, organizations, and schools to teach Bible-based entrepreneurship. Years of study and devotion produced this.

Jim is married with five children, three grandchildren, and twelve rescued cats. Jim inspires people and organizations in Central Florida.